Monday, March 11, 2013

tickled pink.

how is everybody? :)

i know i havent been uploading or posting anything in a while. i must say i miss blogging and sharing stuff with you lot. final year in college has been such a roller coaster ride, it's amazing how things are starting to take off. little by little, bit by bit, everybody in my class are chipping in their final short films and i'm so very happy to a part of it all. there's so much interaction and feedback between different groups and Mike - giving, taking critiques and contributing, breaking down ideas - it's awesome to finally be able to put in our ideas into something worth sharing.

earlier in the semester, i changed class so that my group mates and i could spend more time together. i love being in the new class, it's mostly new faces, so it's a nice change. i miss some of my old classmates though. i wish i see them more often. here's a tiny sneak peak of what Mustache Productions is working on ;

Mustache Productions will be coming up with a blog for our short film soon, so you guys can actually see, review, and comment our progress there. we welcome all sorts of critiques from everybody. we're very stoked about hearing what you guys have to say. i hope you guys are as excited as i am about the short.

it's almost unbelievable what 2013 has in store for me. i'll be turning 21 (!!!), finally making a short film, working with Hollywood animators and producers (!!!!!!!), meeting wonderful people, AND i'll be graduating! not to mention it's only March! 

by the way - I love you Valna! she surprised me with this amazing portrait of my fb profile pic. how amazing is she? it was the sweetest surprise.

:) goodnight everybody.

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