Tuesday, December 18, 2012

sem break #7

happy holidays everyone!

right now im sitting in my jammies in the living room after crashing on the couch for the night. i just got back from a short trip to Penang to see sketch guru Kim Jung Gi for one of his live demonstrations. we only went for one out of the three-day event, and spent the rest of the trip driving around without a guide and getting lost ;)

awwyeah that's him alright. 
he sat 10 feet away from me for 5 seconds and my view rapidly turned into an epic alignment of butts.

i wish i'd taken more pictures, but alas i didn't bring my charger. it doesn't matter where i go for a trip, there's always that one thing i forget to bring. so now i'm back in kl, with yesterday's make up still on my face (yes, yes, i know it's bad for my skin). 
today, i'm going to unpack, clean up my room, and promise myself to make this break a productive one.

also, before i end my post, check out my stuff from this semester will you ;)

if i had to compare, semester 7 would be my favorite. best lecturers, best classmates, best times.

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