Friday, September 28, 2012

appreciating things.

harrow blogosphere!

just a little update to let ya'll know i'm still here and alive. things have not been as busy or hectic as they have been in the past, so i'm just more concentrated on other things now. semester six is over, i had the most chilled and relaxed sem break which lasted a whole month, started my final year in college, and my sister is now in russia! 

anyway, here's a little something i want to share with you guys. 

a few weekends ago i joined some friends and went volunteering at an old folks home in setapak. i was a little apprehensive about the whole thing since it was my first time, but the people there were so amazing and selfless, it makes you take a double take on your own life and reevaluate yourself.

meet aunty annie. cute, right?
the sweetest and most darling woman you'll ever meet in your life. she's truly inspiring, in a way that you must never ever let yourself grow old. she kept telling me how important it is to seize the day and bask in whatever you have. appreciate. she told me it's always good to plan, but don't think too much about the future, because you can get caught with the possibilities and let yourself be disappointed. just try to stay young, enjoy, and don't worry too much if things are going to go wrong. they will, they always do. but we have to move on, keep our chin up and stay optimistic that things will turn out to be better.

aunty, it was truly humbling meeting you. you took my number that day. i'll be looking forward to the day you call me and tell me more stories. 


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