Thursday, July 26, 2012

Concept Art 2 : GetJet

for our concept art 2 project, we were assigned to come up with a story and base 3 characters - a hero, a sidekick and a villain, together with 2 environments.

mine's a rescue mission. 2 bestfriends venture into the unknown to get the hero's boyfriend, Jet, who was kidnapped by an evil sex tyrant. hence the name Get Jet.
yes, yes, i know my story is full of lol :p

the final outcomes :

The Battery
The Pitt

I had a blast making these.
would you read it if it was a comic? X) and how's everybody fasting? good good?

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Emilia said...

Wonderful work, Khalis! I love the idea of the villain's tattoos shifting and moving; it gives the character a sinister air about her.