Sunday, June 3, 2012

new things.

dear kelly,
i know i haven't written in a while. it does not mean that i do not miss you. i do, i do :)

i cannot believe it's already June. it feels like it was just last week that i started my sixth semester as a 2nd year senior at the one academy. 3 and a half more semesters and i'll be graduating already! thats just a little over a year! oh be still my ever pounding heart (drama). haha. now that i think of it, i've had a pretty good year so far. i travelled to Iran, had an amazing birthday surprise, went to Penang with some friends, made dresses during my semester break, and even got a new pet! Oh and a close friend of mine even opened a booth at Republika. So yeah, life is good!

i'm quite surprised to be drawing more this semester. don't get me wrong, us TOAians draw all the time. but it's nice to have subjects where i actually enjoy drawing the things (like girls) and putting my own ideas. it's really fun. animation and modeling are also pretty good so far, easy going, and i'm working on a dance animation!

planning to do some tom hiddleston, benedict cumberbatch, ben whishaw portraits when i get the chance. i've a hankering for the hiddles, been recently SHERLOCKED and watched Bright Star for the 5th time yesterday. i am addicted to watching My Strange Addiction (weirdest shit ever) and i'm containing myself for Moonrise Kingdom. can. not. wait. oh also, me and some friends are planning to book the college studio one day and do some voice overs. its going to be so exciting!

enough rambling. here's some recent pictures, videos and stuff :)

concept art 2 progress. my hero, my villain and my neutral alien. this is all i'm showing till i'm done!
i was trying my hand at straight-ahead animation. progress progress!
Frederick and Thompson. you will see more of them in the future.
indeed, i am working on some projects right now. 
and lastly, meet DONKEY:
aww my little hunter warrior newt. 
isn't he adorable?? actually i'm not convinced it's a he. there ain't no ahem ahem at the ahem ahem. he/she eats red blood worms. gross isn't it?? but oh well. things we do for love.

btw: something to embarass you girls:

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