Tuesday, June 19, 2012

all gummed up

Dear Kelly,

there's a lot to do. there's not much time to waste. and yet, today, i watched a movie, modeled Jake, watched 4 episodes of Adventure Time, read about Salad Fingers, and contemplated between Korean and chicken chop for dinner.

my life is so exciting.

i spent about an hour on this. i'm dangerously addicted to this show. for the first time in months, i'm actually sad we don't watch tv anymore. my life seems better with these characters singing in my head.
and of course, a belated father's day to Pops.

my mum took this photo during our family trip to UK years ago. its such a great photo. i think everybody looked like themselves in it through our gestures. what i liked most is how my dad and i seem to mirror our pose next to each other. (we were actually looking down the huge cliff).
so yea yesterday my sister grilled marinated fish, chicken with pita bread, avocados and yoghurt. i helped stir the chicken. and my dad camwhored in a hoodie. what a Sunday. 


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