Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lady Liberty

i've waited the longest time to post this.

some time ago, a certain friend of mine wanted to commission a drawing. something sexy, something provocative, something pin up - a lady liberty with attitude. i did the drawing some months ago, emailed it to her and excitedly waited for the outcome.

after months and months of waiting, i finally get to see it!

isn't it amazing?

i frankly love her to death. i feel so honored.
i still remember the days in elementary school - we'd be hangin at the top floor of the back block and talk about crazy shit. then dream about sharing a place in new york and taking the subway and writing children books and're seriously one of the toughest, outspoken, and badass person i know. good luck in wisconsin this august, i'll be seeing you state side soon.

love you long time chola. you be my alexander skarsgard guru.


Haris Rashid said...

OMG! Lawa sangat! amazing...

S.Nadhir said...

That is really pretty !
and I like your short hair xD