Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Dear Kelly,

my venice+persian market progress. i wish i had chosen a more interesting angle. pay no attention to my shadows, for they are veli the inaccurate. nggggh.

last weekend i went out with evelyn puiling and michael to klcc and spent the remaining of my rm200 voucher on two books - indian folk tales and extreme perspective (love it, but suck at it). but when i got home from college today, imagine my surprise when i found another rm100 voucher on my table. i honestly don't remember if i got them accidentally, took them accidentally, or if its some kind of prank. still, whatever accident it may be, im feeling charitable... unless somebody claims it soon (with valid reason of course), i'm gonna stop by that nice uncle's place at main block and get myself another book. 

i've been overnighting at college a lot (duh) and i'm going through this phase where i feel like i suck at everything. especially in Maya. i spend so much time on it, but now, its a rough patch i'm going through. sometimes it feels like there's not enough time in the world for a decent flour sack animation. haha. 

anyways, i bought myself some new sketchbooks about a month ago. being a digital animation student this semester, we're all packed with digital painting, rendering, and 3d things. so it's been a while since i've drawn/sketch anything on paper. it's nice going back to pen and pencil and spending a few hours sketching beautiful people... or not. it makes me really miss the previous semesters - life drawing, figure studies, etc etc in the studio. i miss the lights, the drawings on the walls, washing your hands after using charcoal, my pencil set, and how the whole class will go quiet while we draw... i even miss the scary greek mannequins :|

damien albarn+ben whishaw+beck+thom yorke+damien rice+random beings from my head. 

kbye i need to render a... cave? God. 
ttyl kelly, xx

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