Sunday, February 5, 2012

Beautiful Iran

Tehran - Qom - Kashan - Esfahan - Tehran

A journey that took us over 600km in 5 days. We journeyed from busy Tehran (the Kuala Lumpur to Malaysia, really), to the quainter, quieter and more artistic Esfahan. The journey via mini bus, consisted of 11 rowdy Malaysian tourists, 2 Iranian guides and a driver named Reza.

The place is a photographers' dream! This time round, I decided not to lug my camera along and to just Instagram everything. Seeing as how each of my siblings plus my dad will be doing most of the picture taking, I thought it was the more convenient thing to do. I did not snap that many pictures, but the ones I did sure made me happy. It was a truly enlightening trip.

Anyways, here are some of my favourite shots throughout.

So here's a little story about our driver, Reza. 
He speaks only one language, Farsi. One morning during breakfast, he sat opposite me and basically just smiled all by himself the whole time we were sitting there. Amidst conversation with the people next to him, he suddenly blurted "Macaroni!" and smiled. A few seconds later, "Spaghetti!"
For a while, the conversation centered around him and his craving for Italian food. The whole time, he smiled and looked at all of us as if he understood the conversation. It was only later on that I found out that he did not even know what 'macaroni' and 'spaghetti' meant. It was the only english words he knew and he said them to joined in our conversation. I guess he must've felt abit left out :(

My heart goes out to him. Bless him for trying so hard. 
I love the people there. They're all so friendly, and seem to be smiling all the time. Especially the old men who drink Chai and shisha in the afternoon. Such interesting things, such interesting people. 

Would love to travel more soon.