Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hello November

Hello Kelly,

just writing to let you know that i'm still alive! things have been pretty hectic in college. assignments are, as always, never ending. i cannot believe its already november... one more month and its december and a whole year is gone just like that! oh, time is seriously passing me by.

october was a mixture of events and boredom. i spend a lot of time in sunway in a lab on a chair in front of a computer all day. how sad. but it is becoming a routine. so it's okay.
i am slowwwwwly starting to get into my assignment groove. this is good, but i still need to pick up some slack here and there. other than that, october was surprisingly filled with reunions. i got to see a lot of faces i haven't seen in a while, it made me feel a bit nostalgic now that i think about it.

okay so last week my photography class made the compulsory day trip to Malacca, which was nice. i haven't played tourist in a while, so it was fun getting slightly crazy in the heat. most pictures are already on facebook so i wont post any here hohoho.

octoberly stuff - DFA / 2D / 3D

concept design, freetime sketches, messy workspace, walk analysis, obligatory sexy ladies.
ugh picture and video bulimia. kbye night.

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