Sunday, October 2, 2011


dear kelly,
about time i upload an artwork, albeit a quick one.
taking a break from drawing joints and constructing a spaceship. this one right here is about 30 minutes pencil and pen, plus 10 mins tweaking in photoshop. 

wip and amateur detail shots

i just love drawing hot chicks in my not-so-spare time.
i found out the hard way that my calligraphy pen is, in fact, non waterproof. her shirt started to smudge after going over it a few times with some toner markers LIKE WHAT THE HELL. i also used whiteout for the bg details. i like using whiteout. whiteout is my friend. whiteout is so fun :B

my sister bought the latest James Morrison album today, it's rekindling the love i had for him back in Undiscovered. had quite interesting meals today, middle eastern style lamb, and Dutch pancake with the mother and the sister. i also bought a new laura ashley jumpsuit! so pretty, but i must say i feel pretty guilty about buying it. hmm, other than being called a bad driver 3 hours ago, that was pretty much my day. 

recently my 2D animation class finished our mini line animation project. we decided to do a dark version of snow white. there's the queen, the 7 dwarves (see if u can see who is who!) and snow white herself. check out my portion:

and here's everybody's in one :D

hope ya liiiiike~

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