Friday, September 16, 2011

a beginning: sem4

second week into college

Dear kelly
how are you? oh I've missed you so. so many things have happened since i last wrote to you. ramadhan is over, eid was fantastic, i gained weight, bought a new car, and i'm already in my second week of college! how time flies, yes yes? Raya's always been a big thing for family. some shots :

semester four is starting off nicely. we all have awesome lecturers and the subjects are very interesting so far. i'm really excited about the core stuff we'll be learning, which are 2D Animation, Introduction to Digital Photography, 3D Maya Essentials and Drawing for Animation. now, it's only been the second week, but boy are we busy. i admit, i'm still in that post-holiday mood (the compulsion to totally dive into assignments haven't really caught up to me yet). I'm still slacking and killing time doing god knows what on the internet.

i recently bought some Prismacolor pens for DFA. it's my first time really buying a set like this, i've only bought one or two Copics before. theyre awesome and i cant wait to start using them like julian did. i also compiled a bunch of my pens (finally-theyre always all over the place) and... surprisingly i have alot more than i expected! maybe i'm not that thrifty after all... (esp with art materials)

i've also come to the stage where i start labelling my pencil boxes. different classes require different tools and its always frustrating when you forget a pencil or a putty eraser just because they're in another pencil box. c'est la vie, such is life of an animation student. 

abyways, we all started assignmenting with Maya. still a newbie, but i'm really excited to learn more. 
How's my greek temple? ;)

and for drawing for animation, we got flipbook assignments. last sem, it took me a whole month of procrastinaton + research and 2 full days to make a lightbox and actually drawing the stuff. below: homemade lighbox lulz. made of : a box, plexiglass, layout paper, putty eraser and your standard issue ikea lighbulb. it's actually very functional in a sense that it's portable and can be used anywhere with a power source. conclusion, khalis is a genius. 

on top of the marker renderings, primitive drawings, photography research, line animation, it's 2 flipbooks per week. i only remembered to record one of them. 

wawawa aint life swell. k, you've seen the pictures. i'm off to continue with my life.
ttyl kelly,

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