Tuesday, August 23, 2011

third break

the break so far. 

dear kelly,

i just realized that raya's around the corner. how assitinnn! this year, we'll be celebrating it in Kedah. but before that, of course, we'll give good ol Kelantan a nice visit :)

since the holidays started mid july (i honestly don't even remember the date lawl), i've been pretty much a lazy arse hehehoho. byebye assignment rush and helllooo too-much-time-i-dont-even-know-what-to-do-anymore. still, i did keep myself busy with some nice things... i'll spare you all the mundane details. here are some highlights of July/August.

Urbanscapes with my marzipan. we hardly see each other now that we're all big and grown up :')

Kedah. it was a nice trip/escapade, seeing the gramps. here are totally unrelated pictures of me on a swing enjoying myself like never before. lalalaa.

read some books...

Joined a sculpting class. i've always liked the whole idea of sculpting, but it wasn't until recently that i ventured into it. it's awesome. my mum (who's into jewellery design) recently got hold of some jeweller's wax. it's pretty exciting. we're planing to make little pendants and stuff once we got some proper tools! 

lols its still a work in progress - basic, so it's nothing obscene!
spent all my money on lace and fabric and started sewing bahaaha.

rewatched Wes Anderson movies. keyword is rewatched because i'm abit of a wa buff. i wish i was more nonchalant and deadpan all the time. one of my life goals would be to have unlimited resources of vintage suits and casio watches. i also did the Wolfgang Reitherman marathon. this i will write more in another post. once i start talking about movies being my muse, it'll be very difficult to stop. 

and of course, the regular doodles. but i'll think i'll just post them up on facebook coz its easier. 

other than spending alot of time at home and outings with ex high school mates, reunions, movie dates, trips to KL, that's pretty much it. me and my sister have also been doing the daily trip to pasar ramadhan. murtabak and tembikai susu is a daily fixture oledi. lately, i haven't been drawing much, and needless to say with less than 2 weeks before semester start, i have yet to start on my assignments wawawaaaaaa. i'm quite a loser lah, but better to take things slowly and relax before the next sem ey? word is, 4th sem is going to drive us all mental.

and i'm kind of looking forward to that.

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