Thursday, August 18, 2011

fabric foreplay

lately, i've taken up a new interest in sewing. shocker, i know! in high school, i used to believe i was cursed in the home economics department. the fact that i once broke 3 needles in a row using the sewing machine seemed to cement the fact.

so say hello to my sewing machine. his name is Phineas. his brother, Ferb will be the serging machine i'm planning to buy soon. 

say hello to some fabric i bought at Kamdar a few days ago. at about rm50, i am able to make 3 pieces of garment, of which 2 are already completed pieces of clothing. 
say hello to the cute buttons i bought. you are cheap and lovely and soooo very vintage looking. i love you.
say hello to the effin' awesome lace i bought today. yes, you may have cost me well over rm50 for a bunch of 'weaved cloth', but you are so pretty so i forgive you.

pleating details. 

say hello to me wearing the stuff i made lalala hahaaaa
say hello to my new pretty camera casing :) it's still in progress.



VENOM FAME said...

Amboi bahagio nyo budak nie!.hehe
EVERITHING is gorgeous ofcourse!you should teach me somethin.banyak nye barang you beli!

Anonymous said...

Hey, mind telling me where you bought your sewing kit at and how much did it cost? Thanks :)

kellyspaghetti said...

hiyya! well, i've had the sewing kit at home even before i started this fixation with sewing. though, i don't think they'll cost that much! needles, thread, scissors and the whole shebang would not cost you more than rm30 (malaysian ringgit) the sewing machine was about rm200.

for the materials, it really depends on what kind they are, like cotton, silk, linen or wtv. it really depends on where you buy and the quality of the materials. hope this helps! - kellyspaghetti