Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bad Eggs

hello internet people.

nigh time i actually give some valuable input into this godforsaken blog. as free as i am, i can never really find the time to update as well as i should. between the eating and the tv and the name calling (the tale of tasnim and the dreaded upsr), it is very hard to produce artworks that i'm satisfied with. so here's the latest : we made tshirts! personal opinion? not the awful project i once thought it was. the finishing stages were cool because we didn't have to deal with the smelly emulsions and burning the templates in the dark room. so, it got a whole lot better towards finishing the stuff. it's pretty cool to know how to print designs on tshirts, but i doubt i'll be doing more of it soon in my lifetime.

Can you guess the theme? PIRATES! garrrrr!!!!!! -.- yea okay. once you've stopped laughing or scratching your head, our anti-piracy campaign tshirts are pretty cool. ^ treasure chest and parchment-ish pirate bay website tshirt. tie dyed! hahha. well whatever, we love them. the packaging:

admittedly, making the papiĆ©r mache skull in the middle of the night is pretty scary. the aircond creaking, the still night air, the constant paranoia...hmm. so ^ that's a skull and a rum barrel. they're pretty believable, emm right. problem? kudos to exceptionally hardworking team mates! garr i love you all.

on another note : it was also amidst making all of this that the homeland was facing abit of a maelstrom. what i'm really referring to is the aftermath of the rally. different opinions can lead to altercations not specifically related to said belief in the first place. as seen on the wide platform that is the's not good (and embarrassing). understandably, people tend to say things they don't mean in the heat of the moment, but i must ask if the racial and personal insults really necessary? not to mention the juvenile comebacks (much to our chagrin) that make you sound like an ingrate undergraduate. garrrrrrrr. that is the reality. if there is anything to take from this, i've never been prouder to see so many people united in one cause before. 

lol garrr ok all seriousness aside, i've said enough. it's easier to keep opinions all to me onesy than deal with the close minded comments that come after. 

eat dirt, you mangy scur!
garrrrrrrrrrrr xoxo

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