Friday, June 3, 2011

Lotus Flower

assignment : design maximalism
theme : nature

one of my favourite assignments, really. i loved working with maximalism. it wasn't easy planning it... as busy as the term 'maximalism' may be, the notebook cover still had to be refined - or at least up to my lec's standards. i went with a lotus flower vibe, with plenty of gold/purple/magenta hues, scarabs, stitching and some wooden beads. i also reffed of a bunch of sanskrit words for nature, mother, earth and green. pretty neat kan? Btw the pressed daisy - i cilok from my uncle's wedding last december hohoho.

detail shots - every gold leaf has a different nature element to it (flower, leaves, seashells, water drops, blablabla). i also used magazine articles, tinfoil, and sugar paper for the external petals. 
i stitched in some thick cotton threads to match the purple-magenta-turqoise canvas 
(though hardly visible in the pictures)
and my favourite part for the whole thing: 
the inside pages explode! haha. i doubt my notebook is very practical... 
coffee stains + salt + drops of cobalt blue poster color while it's still wet. neat right? the salt adds a really cool freckly effect, aaaaand it adds an extra effect to the whole assignment : scented pages!

final marks : 20/20
rightey ho, that's it for now.

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