Wednesday, April 20, 2011

P-P-P-Poker Face

Dear Kelly,
One of the most amazing things about being in an art college is, you never really know what to expect for the big semester project. That being said, for History of Art and Design Class, we were assigned to create a character and design a costume! I know, like trĂ© magnifique! Favourite faaaaavourite project like duh. 

My group chose two art movements: Op Art and Pop Art as the main concept, and we wanted to develop this idea about recreating Gambit. He's a pretty popular Marvel character (mostly among boyz duh), and we were totally stoked about going with the idea of creating this aloof, mysterious, charismatic, smart-alect (and sexy) dude. I have to say, staying back after Drawing 2 class with my group mates and brainstorming personality ideas were really the best part. I don't even know how, but yea his favorite snack is Strawberry Pokki and he picks up da ladies by throwing card at them mmhm yea lol.

We christened our little boii Jack Williams, a gambler from the streets. He's like this ultra genius with cards and con-artist. A personification of a 'poker face' really - heavily influenced by Lady Gaga's song since she's as much as a pop icon as Andy Warhol ever was or wtv. 

The final presentation for this project was on the final day of our second semester (boohoo) so, things got a bit last minute. Up until the deadline, we were all pretty busy with our Stopmotion project (I'll post about it soon) and our LCS presentation. Prior to that, there was our Maximalism notebook design (which I will post soon too) and some other shoit. Still, my group mates were awesome people, and I'm proud to have been their group leader. 

Major kudos to the boys and our model, Chin for being an awesome sport. The impromptu jamming sessions were a real treat and made working with you guys an awesome time. Ok, enough werdz. 

Preliminary sketch:
Progress shots:
Jaden and Samuel. Butik Boys haha. 
Tattoo artist ;)
and Ray doing research.
Jaden, John and Sam busy painting.
Bright neon strip for the sleeves. For that 'pop' effect haha. 
And our final outcome! I must say we're all rather proud of this costume. Maybe Daniel might have thought it was too cluttered or too much, but I (we) wouldn't have had it any other way. Aaaaaaand isn't our model AMAZING?? Haha. We love you Chin!
Detail shots:
Note: The Jack of Spades is not wearing a crown, but a Joker hat. Coz....he's a joke. In a way that he fools other people into thinking he sucks at poker. Hahaha 
Op Art-inspired tattoo designed by Johnathan. KC gave the idea to put in names of people's he's beaten in poker. Jack's got a big egoooo.  
Craaaazy Op-art pants. Funky stuff right there, don't ya think so? Haha. Altering them into skinnies were not fun. 
And lastly:
The team - 21!
K I'm done for now. 
Ttyl Kelly,

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umi said...

Greaattt stuff... love it ... and I can assure you, more fun to come! All the best!