Sunday, April 3, 2011

Aunty Azita lol

I don't think I have to write how much I love you, kan? I assume you'd know by how much I nomnomnom at your shoulders after dinner and hug you and grab your bosoms in public and watch you change even when you don't want me to and talk alien languages and make you laugh so hard you semput LOL. 
Happy birthday to my bestfriend, my mum. I lebiuuuu 


Umi said...

oohh... I'm crying oledy ... TQ Darling...and since today is your birthday, I would make a birthday note to you here too...For you to know, I can't really express how proud I am to have you around ... I mean not to the extend having you around watching me change... I'm sure what we have and do together, will be something special that you will cherish for a long long time ... For you NOT to know ... well! I am not writing here of course ... Happy 19th Birthday!

Anonymous said...

SOOOOO SWEEEEETTT :DDDDD bff is ur mother :D