Thursday, March 10, 2011

Old Skool

Dear Kelly,
This is actually quite embarrassing, but I'm stoked to share the other portraits I did for my recent History of Art and Design project. Photography was a pretty open topic, so I decided to go back to my roots and role play as a woman from the early 1900s Malaya. I did the photoshoot at the townhouse with my dad's help after assembling the set up with a bunch of pashminas and batik cloths from my mum's room. As an added touch, I put in this vintage typewriter (doesn't even work anymore) my dad scored during a bootsale in London 2 years ago along with some trinket boxes and hard covered books that make me look like I belong. I wore this yellow Kebaya top, coupled with this beaded choker my dad bought in Turkmenistan and a white flower hairpin. And this awesome earrings I bought for £2! It had this screw-on-the-ear thingy that I thought is super cool and super 'old'. I also posed with my dad's Kodak TLR (another vintage find in London). It's pretty much 'vintage' overdose but that was my intention in the first place. The only screw up was that I forgot to bring my skirt and was wearing Nike sweatpants throughout the whole thing! I think my mum had a pretty good laugh about it. 

My mum was like, "Don't smile! Wait smile, but control it.  And don't be too happy!". 
So I end up looking sleepy.  
LOL pants. Posing purposes only. 
Portraits back then hardly have people not staring into the cameras...right?
Facebook dp LOL
Nice right? Editing was pretty simple - Dad downloading this Photoshop edit thingy that has all the cool features old daguerreotypes had. It has the noise, sepia tones, vignettes, dusts, scratches, and all that shebang. It was madness, madness! Through it all, this was the one I submitted:
I look like your grandma haha. 

All in all, wonderfully fun, and couldn't have done it without my folks. I think a huge reason my Dad complied with my shenanigans was because he could play with his new M9! Hehe. 
Hope you like them Kelly!