Sunday, March 6, 2011

Marching On

Dear Kelly,
March is a good month for movies and concerts. April is a good month for Adam. And also another year towards being 2 decades old. Oh yeah and duhh, the dearly longed semester break. I can feel it in my guts and bones. Yes. And by the way, not that 'tits' is a funny word, but it's frickin hilarious when the english says it, innit? (finally watched King's Speech today lol. Stuttering men have never been this hot hahaha). I love Geoffrey Rush. He so damn fiiiiiiiine. Helena is gorgeous. Suffice to say I should've been born a 1930's English woman. Royal or blue blood. YES.
Life. So very epic if people actually dress like this everyday. Even if they're out buying bread.

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