Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Freak Show

Dear Kelly, 
Meet some new friends of mine;

Aralyn, the Knife Thrower's Assistant 
Bobo the Bumbling Chimp
Claus the Clumsy Clown 
Danny the Madcap Daredevil 
Edgar Von Eriksson aka Mr Muscle 
Franklin the Flickering French Pygmy 
Gustave the Graceful Air Arcrobat 
Ringmaster Horatio and his sideshow, Leo the Lion 
Ida and Eve the Irresistible Unicyclists
Le 'Joie De Vivre' 
Madame Klora and Tarot the Persian Cat
Lalaine the Chinese Plate Balancer

The Swinging Montgomery Sisters 
Nigel the English Sword Swallower 
Odette the Spineless Wonder 
Prince Hiran the Fearless Firebreather 
The 'Qwafflers'
Larry and Darold the Rampant Bozos
Salazar the Snake Charmer 
Tamara the Bearded Damsel 
Uma on the Atrocious Bed of Nails 
Vincent and Violet the Friendly Giants
The Wong Brothers 
Xi and Xavia the Siamese Twins 
Yorkie the Balancing Seal 
Zelda the Bewitching Mediterranean Mermaid

Hope you enjoyed meeting them Kelly, they're such wonderful creatures. It was such a joy working with them during the Letterforms and Calligraphy Class Assignment. They were so obliging and so very willing to help out with ideas. Too many ideas, in fact! Mind you they also went through countless costume changes! But alas, I wanted them to be pink for the final submission:

Hope you enjoy darling!
Another note, I know I haven't been updating lately, college life is very jam packed. It's gotten me busy as an artsy bee. Assignments are never ending. But 2 more weeks and it's hello to 3 weeks of excessive chilling ~ OYEA

Toodles Kelly dear,


Emilia said...

Your artwork never fails to blow my mind away. Keep posting more, please :)

anagnorisis said...

Well done. Im impressed.