Friday, March 4, 2011

Starry Eyed

Dear Kelly,

Exploration week is here, and last Thursday felt like a Saturday. Us darling students of TOA are all getting this one week break to recollect ourselves and get a head start on projects and whatnot (work on pending assignments for some). Still, I had replacement classes till Wednesday and until then, haven't really been able to breathe a sigh of relief. Did not really sleep for two days in a row, compensated with a 14 hour sleep as soon as I landed on the couch at home. But all's good now, I still have two days ahead of me before Monday. For someone who has classes 6 days a week, a two day weekend is a godsend.

So anyways, I think I mentioned before that I was pretty stoked for my History of Art and Design assignment. Basically, it's all about expressing ourselves in four different medias: traditional, photography, modern art and freestyle. So erm yea, below are some of the inspiration, WIPs and the final outcome for my freestyle.

I based the style on Lucy McLauchlan's whole marker pen vibe with the birds and feathers and mixed it together with Kelly Smith's fabulous pencil sketch+watercolor style. It's seriously epic. And since it's also about expressing our own personality, I decided to do that weird word-hair thingy that I always do in my other artworks (They're mostly lyrics and crap words that emerge during random moments of drawing).

Inspiration / moodboard:

Lucy McLauchlan. Epitome of everything I want to be when I grow up. 

Jamie Hewlett. I'd die to bask in half of his glory.
Some whatnots I put in (though hardly seen in the final artowrk). Via google and Nasa's daily images 
The original pen drawing.
And of course, the final outcome.

Okay! I shall end it here and now. 
Ttyl Kelly,

P.S., note the new header hahaha.

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JustNorman said...

if you dont make it as a successful artist then I'm just going to quit at life.