Saturday, February 5, 2011

Two Way Monologue, Semi Daily Sketches 3

Dear Kelly,
I am back from my mini hiatus. Kelantan oh Kelantan. The place where wireless internet connection is scarce, and good food is not. I say, I need to change my regime soon. Keyword: active lifestyle. Didn't really plan to stay there too long, but alas things never really go according to plan, do they? Apart from playing with Emsidéng all day, flipping through outdated Vanity Fair/GQ pages, bird hunting+plucking feathers, joyful afternoon naps, watching about a million NCIS season 7 episodes and not calorie counting, the whole trip was unproductive. Sob sob. So now we're all back, and reality comes crashing down like a heavy blanket. Pretty ballsy move on my behalf, neglecting my assignments for the whole week. They're quite the stack. Argggh. Haha ok other than that, got meself a new sketchbook, so here's to make up for the past week:

Radiohead, DCFC, Beat13-esque, I don't know, feeling magical, Tasnim's bedazzlin' designs, my sisters' butt and expressions, Emsidéng the neighbour's cat, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, teaching my uncle about face proportions. 

Oyeaaaaaaaa belated Chinese New Year to all my sepet friends! (I'm JOKINGGGG) Hope ya'll stuffed yourselves prosperously. I sure did. Right now I'm sitting here with stomach cramps and listening to Freddie Mercurie yell BIIIIIICYCLE. I think I'll take a quick nap and do the laundry after. I know, epic Saturday. Tomolo we're all gonna head down to Damansara to fix the town house. Source of fire remains a mystery. Spoooookyyyyy.

Ttyl Kelly!


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tq kak amalina. im gonna go ahead and follow ur blog now. hikhik