Tuesday, February 15, 2011

God Save The Queen

Dear Kelly,
I know it's been a while since I wrote to you. But know that, despite other priorities, you'll always have that special place in my heart. If you must know, last week my group finally submitted our paper sculpture project for design 2. Despite being frustrated the week before, R's unexpected absence gained our group some extra time to do some the minute touch ups to the otherwise pretty-but-not-so-perfect sculpture. Here's some crappy wip handphone shots, some via Wesley's cam and the final outcome.

The people, the work in progress ;
Haris, Casey, Jing, Wesley and myself. My sister helped with some of the lace and pretty roses.
Detail shots ;
Oh and here's the best part ;
It glows. 
Epic. So worth the rm20 mini torchlights and AA batteries from Daiso!
Investment is key.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! I'll return to uploading daily sketches soon. Been awfully busy lately. Last Sunday I also had a photo shoot at me dad's office for my History of Art and Design class. Honest to god, I heart arranging the pashmina to make it look like regal drapes so much. Add in a few decoupage boxes, empty champagne glasses, and Pop's old '57 Kodak duaflex - hey presto! Vintage English background and Kebaya top for wanita-zaman-dulu shot. I also felt that the idea of using my Topshop lace shirt as a curtain was ingenious. Honestly, how much more epic can I be? Hahaha. Credit goes to me dad for being patient dengan kerenah anak sulong. I'll show them to you once I've completed all four. 2 more weeks, 3 down to go! Wish me luck ;)

I'll be hitting the sack soon. So sleepy. The weather is bullocks. Hot one moment and then heavy rain, wtf. And I'm home alone now. Too-lazy-to-watch-Inception lazy. Watching Gary Unmarried and The Unit reruns. ANYBODY WATCH MISFITS? I need somebody to fangirl with. Robert Sheehan is too epic and occupies 80% of my thoughts the past weekend. This is bad, very very bad. 

Ttyl Kelly!


oops did I just say that? said...

this looks awesome!! lady gaga would so wear this.

Khalis in Wonderland said...

thanks kak mimi! i certainly hope so hehe ;)

JustNorman said...