Sunday, January 23, 2011

Semi-Daily Sketches no1

Dear Kelly,
Let's see if I can do this : post some of my old/recent/nonsensical sketches on a semi-daily basis. God know's I have so many stacks of them (I'm sensing in the near future, I'd be pretty lazy to scan them all. But screw that for now). Because truth be told, Mumsy (and a few friends included) kata blog ni semakin hari semakin ngarot. sob sobs :(

OH BTW huge epic news! : I have been officially recruitedby Chocobumbum to join their team! Squee, so exciting! Maybe one day I'd starting something of my own too, but right now, I'm so very excited to be part of this. Check them out now! And order! hahaha :) BTW#2 : The Chocobummers are in the process of redesigning the blog. So check for updates soon ok my lovelies! 

Ttyl Kelly!


Sex, Drugs or Rock n Roll? said...

Love the sketches and congrats on the offer!

JustNorman said...

you....are really really good. I enjoy, keep it comin.