Wednesday, January 19, 2011


  1. Save me more mulah for Adam Levine in April. M5 > Bublé. Sorry Aya. 
  2. Hujung next month nak kaler rambuts elok2 kt saloon or smtg. Still need to bodek umi ngan abi and decide on pretty color.
  3. Saw Kinky Blue Fairy kat Pyramid. Rambut merah mcm tu, I could spot a mile away (but she was in the shop kat tepi food court, shopping baju). Nak tegur tapi malu skit pasal tak pakai baju lawa2 (I was so selekehhhh). Wesley kata rambut I mcm cabbage. CABBAGE?? ftw. 
  4. Excited about my Letterform+Calligraphy project and my HoAD portraits.
  5. Mandy Moore so pretty at Golden Globes. No longer hate her. Baju si Jolie & Hathaway lawa gila babs haha. 
  6. Realized Gen2 makan minyak. So fast nak kena refill petrol. 
  7. Need to upload more of my sketches. They're slowly disappearing into the unknown crevises of my wardrobe and rearing dust bunniez. 
  8. Happy gila to announce that I've only been logging into fb once a day (and sometimes two days!) 
  9. Skype tak kira ok.
  10. Esok bawak toolbox baru gi college! Hehe. As big as it is, still need to adjust2 when mau tutup coz terlalu byk benda ngarot. (Eh just realized I'm quite a noob psl toolbox but whatever lah) 
Cuba cari sudu coleslaw KFC. Purely educational, nak corek poster paint from container!
I love my cherry apron. Beli rm5 kat Daiso, syok!
    Blabber2 bodohs. Haha. Ttyl Kelly!


    umi said...

    I think your blog now getting less "informative and inspirational" banyak "ngarot" haaih...

    Khalis in Wonderland said...

    hehehe :>