Sunday, January 16, 2011


I'im kind of lost for my portraits research. For Desmond's class we're all supposed to be doing 4 different interpretations of ourselves using traditional media, photography, a close imitation of modern art and something open to our own ideas. I'm kind of seeing a very gypsy vibe. Or something regal with lots of fur and drapes in the background? Or maybe something very nonchalant like an Oscar Wilde still... or maybe a lego portrait like that White Stripe video. I should stop myself now. Lost is a wrong term. Undecided/fickle-minded is more like it. Dear oh dear, what am I to do Kelly?

On another note, a friend texted me last week and told me that the notorious Mr William used my Alice in Wonderland pop up as a reference/example for the younger first sem kids. I'm not boasting, but it's a nice feeling that it's appreciated after all the effort put into that project. Enough to make me smile aaaaaall the way ride home. If you see me driving alone and grinning ear to ear, pls understand why.

Ttyl Kelly!

P.S., I'm 5 days late, but a hearty congratulations to Angah and Uncle Syed on their new youngling! Syed Adam is the most CENONET creature, I want to squeeze his cheeks off! But of course I won't do that for another year till he gets biggah C:

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Sex, Drugs or Rock n Roll? said...

Love the videos and congrats on your recognition!