Saturday, January 1, 2011

Oh Disemberku

Dear Kelly,
  • Yasmin and Sha showed up at my doorstep unannounced. So we went for frozen yoghurt. Haha. 
  • Took my Figure Studies exam early, so I missed my last day of first sem of college. At least I had a pleasant dinner with some of ma homies. 
  • Car broke down on the way to Seremban (to be a flower girl for Uncle Rafeq's wedding), got caught in the hood, witnessed gangsters fighting.
  • Uncle Rafeq gets hitched. I gots a new Aunty Anne. 
  • Mama's birthday surprise + her obligatory ceramah (tak sah without the tears!)
  • The purple wedding. So pretty!
  • Melaka family trip. E-P-I-C to say the least. Ate frickin chicken rice balls. 
  • Bakeroni frolics.
  • Resh's birthday surprise. Short, sweet, and totally last minute. We so rock that way haha.
  • Annual Christmas shopping with Mars and Zack. They're futtertucking awesome people and I'm blessed to be friends with them.
  • Christmas shopping with Angeline & Jason. 
  • Angeline's Christmas open house. 
  • Shahira's awesome 18th. Met awesome people and awesome kids. Ate awesome food. Sang awesome songs. So damn fun, hope you like the necklace :3
  • House + Room + Wardrobe overhaul.
  • KL trip with my gedik counterpart. 
  • Weekend Penang trip a.k.a. ekspedisi mengetatkan seluar / membuncitkan perut. Tasnim is living walking proof. Haha. (Gurney drive, Penang Street, G hotel, Suffolk House, and LINE CLEAR-original Penang Nasi Kandar). 
  • Visit Onyang in Kedah. 
And now, 2 days before the first day of 2nd semester, I'm gonna do my assignments. I hate last minute things. But seeing my list, I don't think I could've worked on it earlier anyways. I can't believe I did everything in three weeks. It's seriously been the most packed December of my life. Still, I'm thankful. After a whole month of being high on inspiration, ideas, with family and friends, visiting my great grandmother at the end of it all served as a wake up call, something to pull me back to earth. I'm glad and sad at the same time that what happened happened, but it's out of my hands and everything occurs for a reason. Aya stayed behind to help Ibu out with Onyang. 

Let's hope the new year brings something good, aye? Even though my first day of the new year's been pretty gloomy so far, I'm gonna try to remain as optimistic as ever for 2011. 


P.S., I'll upload some pictures soon. I'm supposed to be doing my assignments anyway. But oh well, maybe you'd have seen them on facebook already :| OYA AND I CANT WAIT FOR COLLEGE HEHEHEEE

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