Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Steadier Footing

Dear Kelly,

I'm exhausted. I never really used to complain about driving, but today really took the cake. After college, from Sunway, I drove to Damansara to pick up the liddle brodder and liddle sisturr and then head to Shah Alam. On the way, liddle brodder gave wrong directions so we took a wrong turn and ended up spending an extra hour on the way, not to mention the two painstaking hours driving back! Argh I mean, I know KL traffic is a bummer, especially in the evening, but it was like seriously what-the-hellish. You'd think after spending almost 3 months driving to college everyday (OMFG 3 months already??) I'd get used to the traffic and be like 'whatever'. But noooooo....hehehe which is why I take the NPE highway home everyday from college. I confess it is pretty esspensiss to pay rm3.20 one way, but that's the price I pay to reach home quickly. I feel bad for the people who have no choice but to go through with it everyday, I really do. I don't even bother so much when they try to cut my line (without signal too) anymore, because fussing about it will only get me pissed. And they won't even know it, because everyone is tired after work to even care why that little girl with the driver's seat pushed all the way in front in the beat-up orange Gen2 is suddenly fuming and yelling.

On another note, my semester break starts in less than two weeks! Oh, dreamworld here I come. Cuddling in my selimut with the fan blasted to level 3 pointed right in my face and waking up late with pening kepala seems like a distant memory. No, I don't sleep with aircond, though we have it. For some reason, I cannot stand aircond air, I just don't. It's freaky dicky (lol dicky). So very totally looking forward to sleeping and seeing some faces I've missed looking and talking with for a while. I feel so reclusive all of a suddenz :/ Oh! aaaaaand drawing (without deadlines!), making awesome moodboards, planning to learn Sparks by Coldplay on the guitar, making crochets, and working on a little surprise that's hopefully coming soon, Heheheheheheeeehehe! (menggedik on the bed as of this moment), please excuse.

I'll post some pictures of my Alice in Wonderland pop-up project soon, Kelly. Though I'm really excited to show it to you (It's really pretty!), I won't post them now because I'm lazy to find the transfer cable, and I'm too tired to type more shit into this thing anyway. And my ass: KEBAS. Hahaha. Still love you Kelly.

Ttyl sexiness!

OMFG Pops dah ada fesbuuuuk. Freaky dicky! And he's been uploading pictures non stop! So excited he seems, hehe. This 'New-to-facebook' syndrome shall pass soon, father, just like I remember you telling my pasting-cute-stickers-on-everything is just a 'phase'. We'll see.  Oyeah, and Sexy Slevin officially died today. Though we've been expecting it for a while, by the way he groans everytime we press ON, we never thought today would be the day he kongs. Kausar is currently still grieving Slevin's early departure to techno-heaven and refuses to comment. Kesian.

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