Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ok, Set, & GO!

 FINALLY FINISHED. Don't really know how many hours spent on Damien and Tim, but I do know I spent less than 3 hours on Nick and Dan hikhikhik. LIPSTICKZ ARE COOL IN POP KALERS. TERMINAL 5 IS VENUE COPIED FROM THE BLACK KEYS CONCERT. I WANNA MOOF TO NUU YOCK. DAMIEN IS SO HOT OMFG. Officially pening pasal tak tidur. So I'm off to do History of Art & Design journal now, tataa~

Ttyl, Kelly


JustNorman said...

thanks kell. you can't tell but I have a genuine smile on my face because a your comments. preciate it.

come back and visit every now and again.


Khalis in Wünderland said...

will do normy ;)