Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mr Raaaaaabbit

Dear Kelly,

Here's some pictures of my pop up project for Mr William's class. If I think about it, it really is the subject I complain about the most. Still, it's also very fun since we get to buy many many pretty papers and little stickers. And ribbons. Oyea and feathers and... other miscellaneous pretty things. You get the picture.

Okay, ready for the big reveal? Hehehe...

Tada! Okay, this is before you start pulling all the little mechanisms inside. 

I wanted to do something like a children's pop up book. I want little princess girls and gay boys to be like wowwww when they see the little details and funky patterns on the wall, and wish they were Alice after falling down that stupid rabbit hole. I remember, as a child, always feeling abit potong steam when I turn the pages, and be like, 'that's it?' kind of feeling, especially when the pop ups don't really live up to my expectations. So I made sure I terlebih sikit with mine, haha. Hopefully not too much though. 

Detail shots : 
Omg, isn't she pretty? omgosh I want to have a dress like her and cry too. 
You can swivel the little pointy things actually. 
Scene description. I still smile and laugh everytime I read this part. Alice is pretty stupid and I don't think she's right in the head sometimes, but nobody can hate her. Okay, that's all! Gtg now, CG project is still in the works, and submission is Wednesday. Right now, I'm just finished with Damien's crotch. Haha. 
BY THE WAY: Jamie Scott. Totally my new muse. Loved him when he was all mellow and stuff. But now, daaayyyng. Sexy alerrrrt. It's fascinating how he sometimes can belt out like a black chick from Baltimore, and remain so very non-expressive with his eyebrows. Those damn things don't move an inch. I want to be a Brit now. But I kinda am one already? (Is that sentence even right?? ftw) Pff. Oyeah, and this week is so totally my last week before sem break, wee~~ 
BY THE WAY #2: Gerard Way. Red Hair. Gerard Way. RED HAIRRRRRRRRRRR. Omaigod, need to move to US to I can stalk MCR nao. (I used to be a huge MCR fan, sampai join forum nak discuss about their lyricsssss ok -.- )

Ttyl Kelly!


Kathleen said...

Hi Khalis! =D I just noticed that your BRAAAAA is showingggg!!!! hahahahahahaha XD

Khalis in Wonderland said...

You're supposed to ignore THAT PART tq very much

Kathleen said...

hahaa sorryyy =P