Friday, December 17, 2010

Undisclosed Desires

Dear Kelly,
Sem break to do list. And no, it shall not make sense to anyone.

1. Comic.   2. Crochet.   3. Ducks-in-a-row.   4. Room overhaul.   5. DA update(s).   6. Malacca   7. Wedding.   8. KL trips.   9. Assignments.   10. Mural.   11. Moodboard.    12. Movie day.   13. Penang? Oh please Penang (need new brogues). Singapore pun takpe.    14. Picnic.   15. Sparks / I'll Follow You Into The Dark.    16. Madeleine hat, new kicks, sleeve for Montague. 
    3 weeks. I think I can do it. But if I don't, it's just another unaccomplished list and buried frustration for the next semester. Oh well, that's just me.

    Every night since my break started, my sister and I have been watching movies on youtube. We both nuzzle in our duvets and comfy jammies, wearing half a headphone each because my laptop can only fit in one pair haha. Then halfway through the movie we'd change poses because our chin hurts from supporting our head weight on the pillow too long and make sure the door is locked to hinder younger siblings from menyibuk. Life is good when internet connection is fast at home. Re-watching old Disney cartoons certainly makes life better when you have gorgeous people like John Smith (those baby blues get me everytime). So far : Ella Enchanted, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas.... I know the princess thing is a recurring theme, but I can't help it! Oyea also half way through Pulp Fiction. There's so many great movies that I want to watch personally, but right now, I'm walking down memory lane and watching the stuff that got me dreamin' through my growing up. But I'm so open to suggestions because I'm fast running out of titles.

    BTW: BFF got new tumblr. Like finally, I've been waiting forever. I hereby order you to stalk her. But be nice : antisnickers. Me, I'm anti makanan pedas hikhikhik~



    Anonymous said...

    Macam muka tak syok je? Haha.. ^^

    Khalis in Wonderland said...

    lol gordy :3