Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Dear Kelly,
If you don't mind, I'd like to list down some of the things I've gone through this year. Maybe when I'm getting those Monday blues next year, or a little too tired from college assignments, this list can be a nice little reminder of an epic 2010, ay? :)

 2010 Highlights
  1. National Service.
  2. 9 effing As. I never thought. 
  3. Jethro came into my life. 
  4. Official DKM2 employee with Mumsy and Popsicles + daily Gen2 rides with Angeline.
  5. Regular Bangsar & KL trips with the lovelies. 
  6. My first birthday surprise ever. I know I'm lame that way.
  7. I'm legal.
  8. Planning my first birthday surprise for a friend. I am lame that way. 
  9. BFF. Also legal. 
  10. M&M. Remember Mars? haha. 
  11. Omfg Glee Flash Mob practice at Cassie's. 
  12. O-M-F-G Glee Flash Mob with Cassie.
  13. Sparrow walked out of my life. 
  14. POPSOT / JG fandom officially begins. 
  15. Party pack shopping with Mars n Reshie
  16. Planned Tasnim's pool party thingyyy.
  17. Mumsy ventures into Asmara~
  18. I start compiling artworks for my college portfolio.
  19. Regular Bangsar & MV trips.
  20. Phailed rock climbing mission.
  21. Driving lessons with Cikgu Aizan commences.
  22. Despatched to Kedah. One week of nonstop kenduri kahwin and stuffing my face with the most epic food in the world. 
  23. I <3 my Umicu. Videos at Baskin Robbins are the bomb. 
  24. Official P driver, bitchez!
  25. Watched the International Quran Recital Competition downtown with my Toks ya'll. 
  26. Awesome time with ex classmates during SMKDP Carnival Day. I really miss my seating partners + Bumped into fellow pelatih NS at MV.
  27. Regular Bakeroni frolics. It is about this time we noticed the kualiti nasi goreng tomyam had seriously been downgraded since the first time I ordered it. 
  28. Hello, Montague. 
  29. Bus trips with Yasmin :)
  30. COLLEGE!
  31. Eid in Kelantan. 
  32. Assignments take over my life. And room. And time. And money.
  33. Sunway Pyramid = home #3
  34. Raya Open House(s).
  35. I meet some of the most fabulous people ever
  36. Charlie rosak.
  37. MMU trip with Chibby.  
  38. Bonding ngan Wafiy Kirana.
  42. Angeline, purple hair, epic fail.
  43. Bday Mama.
  44. Uncle Rafeq gets hitched. I jadi a purpurr frower girl. 
  45. Reshie's surprise.
  46. Melaka is no longer corny and touristy when you have a beautiful family.  
  47. Annual christmas shopping, an epic KL trip.
  48. Sha turns 18 <3 + Karaoke. 
  49. Artsy fartsy trip with Jidin!
Argh I do not posses the most powerful memory to say the least. I wish I could remember more of all the amazing things I did this year. I should start a diary. Or write to you more, Kelly. Still, everybody I know had spread their wings. Pops pretty much travelled the whole world and took bloody gorgeous pictures in Russia, Egypt, Turkmenistan, South Africa, Vietnam, wherever. Mommy finally got involved in a project she's been dreaming of forever. Putaya SPM. Atif had a wake up call, hopefully. Anim... hahaa I don't really know. Oyea she got an iPod touch.

And to wrap off a wonderful year, December is just wonderful on a whole different level. I don't think I've stayed at home more than 2 days in a row. Everyday is magical. Even sleep is magical. Food is magical, Dora the Explorer is magical... Ok. Shan't talk more, December deserves a post on its own for its magicality. Haha.

Ttyl Kelly,

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