Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Life is Like A Packet of Nasi Lemak

Kalau banyak ikan bills, no amount of sambal in the world will make it too hot to handle. Hehe. How metaphorical of me. 

Hi Kelly. Oh my god Kelly.

It's already November. Where the hell did my year go larrr? It's so frickin fast. It seemed like maybe just a few weeks ago I enrolled in college, not 2 months. And now, even exploration week (humorously called ASSplosion week by some kiddies in class) dah habis. At this rate, will my 3 years in TOA feel like a breeze? Dear oh dear. I feel like my life is a Lambo, living in the fast lane and going too fast for me to enjoy the scenery (fewitt so feeling). Ironically I drive a Gen2. Which is like, the crappiest car in the world. It farts every time I press on the break and vibrates all the time. But I still love it - dents, scratches, dirt, grime and all. Shoot which reminds me I really need to give Gen2 a bath. I gave it a name btw. Dah lama dah, but now I'm mentioning it to you Kelly. He's Charlie. Cute kan? Just like me. Hehehehhehehe

The internet at home really sark lately. Been down almost the whole week. But since Umi and Pops got back from Vietnam yesterday, Abi fixed it. Thank god. I just don't roll without internet, you get what I'm saying? One, assignments just 'cannot go' without internet, and secondly: I hate unfacebooking days. Notifications pile up like unwanted college assignments. You just don't want to deal with that kid of shoit. You just don't. Also my itunes playlist sark. Vampire Weekend cd played over 30+ times. Ergo Youtube is vital. 

Oh oh also kan Kelly, right now I'm working on a pop up project for Finished Art. I'm doing an 'Alice in Wonderland' (or 'Khalis' in Wonderland for that matter) kind of theme, and we have to come up with a prototype by next week Toozday. Kelly, I don't know howdafark I'm gonna do it. I'm being too ambitious with crazy ideas and now since Mr William dah suka my proposal there's no turning back. Why always like this one aa? WHY WHY WHYYYY la. Aiyaaaa putayaa. Don't like paper engineering :( Mr William so pe'e and hard to please. 

And since I'm telling you about sarky classes, I'm gonna rant about my non sarky class, Figure Studies! It's so fun lah ok. And I don't mean posing with the hot dolls in the Mannequin Studio Block M. Haha. The lecturer (I know, I'm horrible for still not catching his name after two months) is like this wise dude, spreading wisdom to his immature and dumb students on how to draw a nice ideal face. HEHE. According to him, we need to master drawing caucasians first. Because that's the market these days. That or Pan-Asians. Waddahell. Whateverrrrr. Also the studio is damn cool. I don't know if it's the dolls or the lighting, but I feel so artsy fartsy in Paris lah, not Bandar Sunway, KL. Oh well. My time abroad will come soon. I hope. Hope!

Hari tu Margelis bergroup kat Cyber. Angeline drove Charlie. Haha. 

Ttyl, Kelly. 
No more xoxo's. Imma send some explicit kisses your way. 


oops did I just say that? said...

do u really pakai baju kurung to college? so good aa?

Khalis in Wünderland said...

i budak melayu maaa :)