Monday, November 8, 2010

Horsing Around

Dear Kelly,

They say bad things happen in threes (okay, I got that from Lucky Number Slevin actually). But just because it does not come in threes does not mean its good, kan? Well, I'm not going to walk around saying I'm unlucky. But I must admit I feel rather clumsy lately. Hence resulting to the unluckiness. Pagi ni when driving to college kan, some dude hit Charlie sampai his telinga (side mirror) terpe'ot and scared the shoit of me. Not to mention I was already 10 minutes late for Design1. Oh the week before Charlie kena calar skit. I like to think Charlie got like, tatoo on the side of his body. Maybe that would make Aya feel better kan, since you were driving? Hehe Aya jadi tattoo artist. Another thing, I kind of scratched my hand when I was taking some coins out from my tabung for toll. Its not bad, but pedih skit la when I basuh tangan. Hehe I sound like a drama queen, kan Kelly? And oh my gosh the other day I was taking a shower and suddenly that pressing thingy you press to get the shower foam out decided to spray right into my right eye. I gotta tell you Kelly, THAT hurt. Mata bengkak separuh hari. Not only that, but my eye secreted eye gunk for the rest of the day. Like, epic yuck. I felt like my eye was going to foam every time I blinked. What the hell. At least it smelt like Lux Lavender Creme Bath. Haha.

Random pictures time. They make me heppeh.

Oooooooooo see what Jidin made
Initial design draft. Spot the K
Yes, kantoi. Munchies aka 'caffeine'. 
awwww. Love these girlies. Maybe next time when you girls come over, I already bangun and mandi k. 
Shahira debuts her driving skillz
Tattoo artist. 
Tragic, I know. 

Ok, back to assignments. What the hell. I don't think I'll ever stop complaining about Finished Art + Paper Engineering. DAMITTTTTTTTTTT

Ttyl Kelly,

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