Monday, October 18, 2010

Quintessential Weekdays

Dear Kelly,

Mars said my blog is lame because I haven't been updating it lately :( So here's a little peek into what I've been busy with the past month and a half at The One Academy. 

How cool is the fact that the first parking space I ever parked in alone turned out to be a paper size?? :)

Hehe prehistoric porn.

My colour wheel. Epic Andy Warhol fail.


Blood, sweat and tears. Okay not tears, but plenty of pening kepala. 

My study space. 

Figure Studies

My desk on a typical Monday night. 

Wesley's masterpiece hehe ;)

Would you buy my perfume if the box looks like that?

2 hours progress... finished this bad boy at 5am. 

Tangram art.

So I did a rockstar and a mermaid!

Alls I can say is that it's been uber fun and uber stressful. It's funsful

Finished art is all about making fancy boxes and shit with paper. It's pretty cool, but also a major pain in the ass. History of art and design is okaaay, but all we did so far is a Sejarah recap. It's kind of weird that we have to do a movie review about stealing a Da Vinci, though. Especially when the guy is pretty dumb. Polish is not the same as Russian is it? Coz I thought it was... It sure sounded alike.... Well you guys wouldn't know what I'm talking about anyways. My favourite subject is, of course, Figure Studies. This week ( since we're required to draw 4 portraits per week, fully shaded and everything ) I'm gonna draw Miranda Kerr, Shia LeBeouf, that chick in the Estee Lauder ad and some hot European dude Wenis gave me. Sigh, banyaknya.... Not to mention my CG Class and other research shoits. 

I can't wait for exploration week! Home assignments aside, I'll be doing plenty of exploration! On my bed that is! Hehe I need to compensate ok.

So Umi and Pops are finally coming back from South Africa tomorrow, I cannot wait! I missed you guys so much! We all did. Got nice nice souvenirs onot? Besides, when you guys are back, I can actually drive to college hehehe ;) Just kidding. 

Oh well, gtg! I should be doing my Packaging Box anyways. Mr William, because of you, I'm losing so much sleep and getting backaches in the afternoon. It ain't right ok, I feel like a granny. 

Khalis mid assignments : 



oops did I just say that? said...

the potrait looks so real lah alis. Why don't you draw your madre and submit it? Ke must be an artist? Tell your lecturer your mom was a 70's bintang RTM or something. hehe.

Khalis in W├╝nderland said...

oo mmg nak..but we all hv to master caucasians first this sem ;)