Monday, September 6, 2010

Like Old Times

Dear Kelly, 

Tomorrow is my first class as a college student. I have Design I. God knows whatever that is, but I guess I'll know tomorrow. We're all required to bring a bunch of pens and pencils and art block. I really feel like a little girl, like on my first day of school you know, back when I was Standard 1. Childhood days when I had to pack buku Tatabahasa and a blue pencil to underline my dates and titles for Mrs Sidhu's English grammar book, and baju PJK if I don't want to kena from Puan Chia. Now I'm packing all my stuff early and checking I got everything ready just as I did almost 11 years ago. Which goes to show I easily get excited over everything anything nothing

Still, how can I not be when I've waited so long to finally get into art school kan? Wish me luck Kelly!


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