Monday, August 16, 2010

Tiny Vessels

Kelly Kelly Kelly!

I'm feeling so very temperamental today. I'm not on cycle, but if you see me, you'd figure I was. I'm moody as if I'm PMS-ing, hungry and cranky all the time ( thirsty, mostly ), and having such terrible break-outs on my face. Lo and behold, I have a pimple the size of a Volkswagon on my forehead :( It looks like a Bindi from far. Not the pretty kinds. But the pimply kinds, which is not very flattering at all. It's very weird. Everything is weird. And my hair is a wreck today. The whole scenario reminds me so much of days at school when I'm moody and Mr Justin would assume I was on cycle and do mental calculations to check when I'm due in that time of the month.

Oh and this morning when I woke up for Sahur, I remember I had the strangest dream in the world. I think it had something to do with a volcano. And Ben Affleck. I wonder is it because of the baked beans? Then I got ready and had driver's class alone at 9. I don't think I screwed up that much. I had a pleasant conversation with the strangest old woman while waiting for Cikgu Aizan to pick me up. She went on and on about her stolen car. But she was sweet. Not sombong like the counter chicks at Metro. I think they're secretly jealous of my bag. Can't blame them I guess. 

And I'm listening to Death Cab For Cutie now. I feel so emo when I hear Ben's voice. Erm. Who wants to cry with me? I'll add in a lil' Jeff Buckley sadness into the sappy playlist. 
And want to know what I wish for most like, right nowTo scan my drawings and upload it on Blogger without having to Photoshop it because one does sark at it so very much. Bluek Bluek Bluek.

I think I'm done here for today, Kelly. Ttyl!

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