Friday, August 6, 2010

Just Dropping By!

Oh hello my dear KellySpaghetti,
Sorry I've been neglecting you these past couple of weeks, it's just that you have to understand, my dear, that good inspiration is so hard to come by these days. I keep picking up the pen/pencil wanting to create 'le magique' or whatever and it just won't come to me. It's been happening a lot lately, my Kelly dear. It's utterly dreadful. I don't know what to do. I suppose I could browse the internet and find wonderful musings here and there, but I just prefer for it to come naturally ( like a mini epiphany, you know ) and not derive it from other mundane external sources.

All I've been doing is finishing up a bunch of old half-drewn artworks found in my closet, some from last year, some from 5 years ago. Its a beautiful moment, really. Flipping through one's old drawings makes one feel so bloody nostalgic. It's kind of nauseating. But lovely still. 

So... I suppose, Kelly that you'd want to know what I've been busy with, right? Well, the last couple of  weeks I have been at the office almost everyday. And you know when I'm at the office I just cannot draw or doodle or sketch whenever I want to. Because, it is just impossible there. However the fast internet connection is indeed a perk when it comes to stalking other people on facebook! ( But only when I'm finished with my work, darling! )

Oh, and you know what? 
I am officially registered for college! It is positively exciting! I've been waiting for it for quite some time you know. I am quite clueless as to how I've spent almost 5 months doing nothing! Honestly... even my drivers license is still in the works. Nevertheless, college life awaits me, and I'm awaiting college life. Now I shall have to put up with another month before actually living it. 

Right. So darling, I think I'll update you some other time, yes? This post is already far too long and we don't want to bore people with boring posts, no? So yes, I think I shall go now. Attached is a picture of moi to cheer you up :

Obligatory 'poyo' picture taken using my new macbook pro! Sorry I forgot to mention this earlier darling. I got it a few days ago. Courtesy of Popsy Wopsy ( Happy belated Bithday, old man! ) This little piece of machinery is chaaaarming. I'm still trying to come up with a good name for it. Need your help desperately. What do you think of Montague? or Kelevra? Do get back to me on this. It is quite urgent as I still don't have anything to call this new... new... thingy by. For now, I shall just refer to him as Professor X. Sexy, no?

Till next time, Kelly!

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