Friday, August 27, 2010

Hero of a Tragedy

Dear Kelly,

To start off : I passed my JPJ test baby! Hohoho, I will be terrorizing the streets of KL very soon, Kelly! I shall think that drivers of the world are afraid. Very afraid to see me behind the wheel. It was pretty nerve wrecking but all's good. Kausar did a good job too, seeing as how we both got 18/20 for our Part 3 road test. I had misproper use of handbrakes. Kausar tak bagi signal. And we both didn't change our gears right. But gears schmears, Gen2 is automatic. And I will be driving that piece of junk very proudly!

Ok. I watched Dead's Poet's Society a few days ago. I have only watched it once, but it's fast becoming one of my favourite movies of all time. Such joy one can gain by watching Hollywood celebrities in their noober and younger days. 

Hmm, I never realized how daaaarling Ethan Hawke can be. All my life, I've always had a problem with celebrities with gigi rongok. Ethan Hawke being one of them. Oh my god, and even Mark Strong. Even though he has the look, its just not meant to be, you see, for celebrities should be able to afford proper dental care. Still, he is very charming in his role as the timid and shy student. One can really swoon at the sight of his adorability. Josh Charles was good too. I was only a fan of him in Four Brothers. Still, I cannot comment much about Mr Charles, for I am very nooby about him. 

Also, just so you know, Kelly dear. I don't think there's anything cuter than Robert Sean Leonard in his younger days. I am such a noob for taking this long to realize this very very important fact. 

Say hello to my new muse. 

Photoshop CS4, about 4-5 hours. Referred to this and this
My hand very the sakit now for using the tablet too long. And, it's 4.02 am now. I probably can have an hour sleep nap before Sahur. I guess I be leaving.

A lot of people seem to think my celebrity portraits are mere edits from a Google image or something. Just to clarify, that it is referred to an image from Google but I copied ( ok la, artified ) it stroke by painful stroke in Photoshop, kay. I have the sore wrist to prove it. I even watermarked the drawing, hehehe.

P.S., if you look closely at the four background pictures on the wall of the top scene, they may seem very familiar! Especially the top right one! Haha!

Ttyl, Kelly!

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