Sunday, August 8, 2010

Green Hair, Baby

Well good evening there, Kelly dear!
Hope you didn't miss me too much, after all, I did visit you a couple of days ago.
Anyhoots, just thought I'd share with you something that's been lingering in my subconsciousness these couple of weeks. If you recall, darling, I may have mentioned the lack of 'muse' in my previous post that resulted in zilch artworks... Aha, well, I may have exaggerated the 'zilchness' ( wink wink! )

Because actually, there is something that I've been working on. 

You know how some people / artists just have this... this knack when it comes to character design? Well, because even though I'm no good at it,  I must confess that I've found this sudden interest in that too. Character design, I mean. It's fascinating to have this image of a person in your mind, this personality that you so wish could conjure a person upon, and in the end, after hours of becoming a slave to the unmerciful pen & uncomfortable chair : obtain such satisfactory feelings when you can see the person on paper. It's so satisfying, it's like... eating the perfect roti canai ( Shoot which reminds me, Puasa is coming soon... )

Of late, doodles are comprised mainly of sketches of this fellow I'm working on. I find him deeply attractive ( Ordinarily, since he is the product of my amazing creativity, hoo-haa! ). I would very like to introduce him to you, Kelly. I think you'd like him very well. He's mysterious, gorgeous, a bit of a trouble maker, and has green hair. But alas, he is still in the works. I haven't even come up with his birth day. So you'll have to be patient my dear until he is perfecto-mundo to be revealed to the whole world. He is such a delicate soul, and I can't bear to cause any imperfections to the product of my brain-child.

Till next time, cheri!

He smokes. Ciggies are so sexy. 

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