Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Frat Boys

Hi Kelly!
Exciting news! I totally got into mood yesterday to conjure life histories for my little green-haired sexy. After some serious thought, I've decided to give him a brother. Not sure if he'll be a big brother or a twin, but a brother nevertheless! Muahaha! And he'll have Pink hair! Yes, PINK! And he'll be super smexy too. Now, I'm still working on the whole thing, and I'm really trying my best to make them as interesting as possible, I just hope you'll like it Kelly.
Soon, baby soon.

Oh! And I even gave them a set of best friends! How divine! They can be their dorm mates, or band mates, or childhood buddies, or whatever, I dont know... I still haven't decided. And it's all thanks to Mummy's watercolor set that I found in the corner of the office. If I had not seen them, this sudden burst of interest to paint & draw would've been very much impossible. 

Haha it's all still very rough, but I kinda like how this looks. Coz everybody's kind of giving each other the stink eye, and the poses are all kind of girly, and I made the long haired blonde look super gay with that pose. Wtf What is with the shoulder? And the hand?? Argh Epic fail. I don't know what I was thinking. I just know I love it. Don't care if you don't. Harharhar. 

Till next time, Kelly!

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