Monday, August 23, 2010

Evolution of Thought

Dear Kelly, 
Just something I want to share with you. 

"Susu carrot sweet-peas potato, Alis nak poopie"
Back in London, when my mummy ( in her student days ) would feed me in her own special ways. She would make chicken soup with potatoes and carrots and rice and blend everything together so that I would be able to consume it just like that. Haha, style lah konon. Sometimes, when I browse through old pictures, I wish Umi had made me listen to Mozart or Bach or something when I was in her belly. Maybe that way I would've developed some kind of prodigal-child brain maturity and actually remember my baby days there. All the snow, the baby jammies, the Ruskie biscuits. many things I don't remember. 

P-I-N-T-U is "Airport"

2002. I think
Zaman pre-UPSR was such a blur, I don't really remember much of it. All I remember was constantly waking up late, my lazy prefectorial days, spending my mornings on the staircase with Casandra while reading a book about dog breeds, talking about last night's Lizzie McGuire with Medina, mengaji after school with Ustazah Rokiah and straightening my hair so many times that I pretty much screwed the hair follicles till this day. Hence, the rambut-cacat image below. 

It dawned on me how people think of different things as we progress to different stages in life. Like last month, I'd be thinking about this thursday's driver's test with the JPJ officer. Early this year, I'd be wondering if I can make friends at PLKN, and before that, worrying if I'd be getting good results for SPM.

I wonder what I'll be thinking about in 5 years' time. 

Ttyl, Kelly!


oops did I just say that? said...

u'll be thinking about your first interview and where u want to work.

u'll be thinking about owning your own car and wanting to move out of your parents' home.

u'll be thinking sometimes IF only I had done it this way or that way.

u'll be thinking if only I knew GHD's existence, it would make my hair much more manageable than those years of getting it straigtened.

and then you'll be thinking I'm too young to be married, so why all these talks about marriage and motherhood!

now my dear, that is 5 years worth of lessons taught in a short span of 3 minutes. Am I good or am I good?!

Khalis in Wünderland said...

haha totally epic! thank you for the advice, o' wise one ( or in other words, old seasoned lady ) hehe ;)