Friday, June 11, 2010

Little Sovereignty

I watched Fantastic Mr Fox yesterday. 
It reminded me of how much I loved The Royal Tenenbaums, and how I used to imagine being in a family like that. I wonder what it would've been like to have an estranged-adopted sister. She could teach me how to smoke like a 40s underground cabaret singer on the rooftop and pull off a mink coat. 

Or have an obsessive / paranoid brother like Chaz. That way I won't get my taxes screwed, because his OCD prone kids will do it for me. I'd even borrow their Adidas sweatshirts from time to time, because they'd have it in every color made. 

Or a cool laid back brother like Luke Wilson - he'd borrow me his shades and teach me how to play tennis all day long. And even hold his pet eagle. Hell if he loved me enough, he'd paint my face with Daler-Rowney watercolor set and frame it and hang it in the living room wall. 

And even a mother like Anjelica Huston. I'd wear her make up, shoes and jewellry every time she left me alone at home. I'd adore her very much and secretly steal all her shades / glasses and keep them in my drawer.

hmm...scenarios, scenarios, scenarios. 

I'd end up a pretty screwed up kid, huh?

So. Just a random sketch from one of my sketchbooks, one I made maybe a few years ago. I was in love with the movie poster, but didn't really have the heart to draw a lot. And so being the slacker I am, I doodled this. I can't say that it looks like them, but at least I got the costume right. And I do like their smiles.

This was done back when I was in Wes-Anderson crazy mode. I'd watch the ending scene in Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou almost everyday on Youtube. And google Owen Wilson images. Wes Anderson. Hm, I've always liked his movies.


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