Monday, May 31, 2010

That Persian Stride

Weststar paper, 2B Faber Castell pencil. Duration: an hour and a half. Paper stock by Ofruin_Stock@Deviantart

Watching Prince of Persia was like having cinematic orgasm. It was fantastic ;) 
I've been keeping this in for far too long, so I shan't hide it a further more: Jerry Bruckheimer is a godsent! Heaven forbid, the world is a dull and monotonous planet without his movie-producing flair... having seen most of his stuff is really frickin inspiring me to get into movies. The lights, the camera, the action actors! Oh, how I wish I could be a fly in the studio walls, watching Mr Gyllenhaal flippin' and floppin' on Persian-esque structures, albeit Hollywood made. 

Right, fan-girling aside, I foresee myself doodling plenty of "POPSOT" (Prince of Persia Sands of Time... geddit geddit?? Hahaha only my sister would think of such nonsense), not only because of the dazzling actors, meaning Mr Jake there, but also because the costumes are stunning! And the set: Breathtaking! Props: Jaw-dropping! Jake: Magnifique! 

It's all in the details. 

Speaking of details, if you look close enough, I actually enlarged the head there. It's funny how sometimes your drawings don't look the same on computer as it did on paper. Also, I went halfway through the drawing praying and wishing I didn't make any mistakes... all because I didn't have an eraser with me. 

PS; Sorry Disney for I have brought injustice towards the POPSOT poster. It doesnt look anything like the beautiful Jake. I am ashamed! :(


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