Saturday, December 19, 2009

Purple Bang Bang

This is old, old because I did this way back in 07 (see the signature near the big chick's right boob?). Even so, it's one my favourites because drawing it was totally impulsive and didn't really require any thought. It was a lot of fun I tell you, ladies and gents. I remember feeling stoked to try out my Mum's new Daler-Rowney watercolor set. It was pretty pricey for a 12 color palette, but what a palette it is. I just adore the colors! I mean, look at that sexy green and that sexy purple!
Anyways, some of you might have seen this before, I posted this up on my Deviant Art account a long time ago. But I thought I'd post this up here too. Just coz.

Also, I just got back from watching Avatar with ma folks at Pavilion. The story ain't bad, but it was pretty cliche and the story is predictable. It was a pleasant watch despite being two and a half hours long and the CG was brilliantly exponentially fantastically epic! It really was. Mega heaps of Kudos to the people who I'm sure have extreme butt sores from creating those insane backdrops and stuff. It was beyond anything I've ever seen. Hm, I could comment on the acting, but it'll probably take up a bit more than just 2 paragraphs, ya know what I'm sayin?

So go watch it, I say to all you thrill-thirsty-epic-CG nuts. It'll make you happy that you did.
Alright. I want to watch Ocean's Thirteen now (though I much prefer Ocean's Eleven).

Sweet dreams chicks and dicks!

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